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TMT Breakout aims to be your own TMT specialist and pass on the most important and relevant technology, media, and telecom stock moving research, trade ideas, datapts, and news along with our own commentary every day before market open and a daily recap after the close. We’ll also write up equity and market ideas, positioning/sentiment updates on the Tech sector, earnings previews and recaps. One of our readers said it best:

In addition to our work as a daily “TMT specialist on steroids,” we have also made several bold calls when our conviction has been high:

  • We made a highly controversial call and got cautious on AMZN near its 52wk highs on Sept 17th before anyone on the sell side had called out potential risks to Q4. Stock fell 16% before earnings. See here.

  • On Thursday morning, we flipped and said that AMZN sentiment had taken a complete 180 since our cautious call and we went long into the print. Stock rallied 7% on Friday. See here.

  • We wrote up MSFT as our favorite large cap earnings idea on Oct 1st and called out a likely Azure acceleration. See here

  • We got cautious the QQQs on Sept 17th before it dropped 6%, calling out weakening fundamentals in large cap tech before the narrative had taken hold. See here.

  • We called out a potential near-term bottom in the QQQs on Sept 27th and called for a “choppy October”. See here

  • We re-iterated our cautious call on the QQQs Oct 15th, catching another 7% move down. See here

  • At the beginning of last week, we called out a “high bar for swinging at longs” into earnings. Price action has confirmed our view. See here

We don’t always get everything right; however, whether we hit or miss, we always aim to provide you with a unique and differentiated perspective on individual tech stocks and the market. We aren’t afraid to stick our neck out and make bold calls.


1.    Basic tier: For $55/month ($625 annually), you will receive 2x weekday emails: one in the morning recapping the important news/research for the day (including any trade ideas for the day) and another recapping the day after the close. You will also have access to TMTB chat. This comes out to $1/post.

2.    TMTB Pro tier: For $1,500 annually ($95/month) you will also get 2x daily e-mails. In addition, we’ll provide our weekly emails where we get into our views on the market, trade ideas (both short and long term), earnings previews, positioning/sentiment/narrative writeups on the tech landscape, thematic ideas, and more. You will also receive any post-call write ups during earnings season. You will have priority access to email responses and access to TMTB chat.

If you cannot afford the upfront cost of TMTB Pro Tier, please e-mail me tmtbreakout@gmail.com and we can work to accommodate you.

Why did we start TMT Breakout?

I have spent over 20 years investing in technology stocks – close to 15 of those years on the buy-side, including stints as a Tech PM running 9 figures at a multi-manager hedge fund and as a Tech Media Telecom sector head at a $Bn+ HF.  Over the years, I have witnessed the nature of the investing game change — with the proliferation of alternative data intra-q checks, pod-shop hedge funds operating on shorter time frames, heightened volatility, quarterly reports getting pre-traded on 3p data, and the ever-increasing importance of understanding positioning & sentiment, it is unmistakably evident that there has been a permanent transformation in market structure. Investors are feeling frustrated and discouraged.

In Tech, time frames have compressed even more than other industries — whether you are an institutional or retail investor, having the right piece of news, knowing what is driving a stock price move on a given day, understanding the most prevalent narratives driving a stock, and being aware of sentiment/positioning has become of utmost important to perform well (or at the very least not get run over). Stocks frequently experience large outsized moves a lot quicker than in the past: it used to be an abnormality to see a $10Bn+ market cap company move 5%+ in a single day – now it’s just another day at the office.

At TMT Breakout, not only do we aim to pass along snippets of all relevant stock-moving research and datapts in tech, but also provide relevant trading commentary around sentiment and positioning, stock narratives and ideas (both long and short), and which pieces of information we expect to move stocks so readers can understand stock action and better capture the alpha from how these pieces of research, data, news and earnings move stocks, ultimately allowing your trading and investing better odds of succeeding.

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See for yourself! A smattering of representative comments:


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You understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. TMT Breakout often gets stuff wrong.  Accordingly, you should not rely solely on the information in making any investment.  Rather, you should use the information only as a starting point for doing additional independent research to all you to form your own opinion regarding investments.  You must do your own due diligence before buying or selling any security.

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TMT Breakout aims to pass along the most important and relevant technology, media, and telecom stock moving research, trade ideas, and news items along with our own insight and commentary every day. Yes, a TMT Specialist!


TMT Breakout aims to be your TMT specialist and pass along the most important and relevant technology, media, and telecom stock moving research, trade ideas, and news items along with our own commentary every day, twice a day.